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Yoga, Massage & Ayurveda

In Sanskrit, 'Shanti' means peace. We believe at Shanti Living Wellness, individuals can be guided to connect to inner peace, living a more peaceful life, and in return create more peace in the world.

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Rejuvenating & Relaxing Massage from Shawn O'Reilly
Ayurvedic Consultation by Kym Detwiler
Hands at heart center, Nameste - Poulsbo Shanti Living Wellness Yoga



Ayurveda Wellness

Massage is a great way to find total relaxation. This is because once the massage starts, everything else seems to just melt away.
Yet massage can be so much more - use it to release tension, increase circulation, decrease pain, & improve postural alignment.
Each massage is truely a unique experiance every time.​​
Yoga is a journey of Self Realization, creating a union of mind, body and spirit. At Shanti Living Wellness we are here to guide you through safe and practical yoga movements, utilizing energy balance connecting the mind, body, and breath. Modifications are always offered so that each individual can move in their own perfect alignment.
Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences. They work together and help bring more balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda focuses on the cause of “dis-ease” in the body. The concept with Ayurveda is to get back into balance with our systems and with Nature.​ Learn ways to cultivate harmony in daily life with nutrition, yoga and lifestyle through Ayurveda.
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Energy Healing by Kym Detwiler
Crystal Sound Healing Bowls by Kym Detwiler

Sound Healing-Singing Bowls

Energy Healing

Direct Divine Light Healing ​​​​TM
A healing modality that guides individuals to connect to their true nature. This spiritual healing modality works with the aura and empowers individuals to heal and accelerate in their spiritual growth.
Scientific studies show that sound can produce changes in the body. When working with Crystal Singing bowls, the effects of the sound and vibration may help to bring more balance and harmony to the body and mind.
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