About Us

Shanti Living Wellness is a collaboration of Shawn and Kym nearly 10 years in the making.  
Our dream of a wellness center, which focuses on enhancing complete wellbeing through living a healthy lifestyle, and using holisic practices of; yoga, ayruveda, massage, sound and energy healing to help individuals transform into thier true authentic self.

Our vision is to help each individual live a balanced lifestyle that is full of vitality and vigor.

With an emphasis on disease prevention to assist you in living a healthy life!

Our mission is to create a space that is inviting, warm and peaceful. Bringing like-minded individuals into a community space. Coming together for better health and wellbeing. 

In Sanksrit, 'Shanti' means peace. We believe Shanti Living Wellness Center can help guided individuals with living a more peaceful life, and in return create more peace in the world.

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