Cancellation Policy

Our goal at Shanti Living Wellness is to ensure every client leaves satisfied. By signing up, you have agreed to participate in your practice to help yourself feel better! We understand that sometimes life happens, and that you may need to cancel or reschedule appointments, classes, or workshops; therefore we are asking you to agree to the following guidelines regarding our cancellation policies.

Shanti Living Wellness LLC will be referred to as (SLW). SLW represents its owners, teachers, sponsors, & workshop coordinators.


1. I understand that SLW defines a cancellation or rescheduled appointment to be that of greater than 24 hours prior to the appointment, class, or workshop starting time.

2. I understand that appointments, classes, and workshops will begin and end at the scheduled times. If I arrive 15 minutes into a scheduled appointment, I can expect the following:

  • It may be canceled and that I am liable for the full amount for the session time.
  • If there is still room in the class or workshop I may be able to continue but will be charged for the original amount.
  • If there was a standby, and my spot was taken up, my spot is considered canceled and I will be charged the full amount.

3. While it may seem that participating in a class or workshop can help alleviate many illness, communicable illnesses, such as common colds, and flus can actually make symptoms worse. Therefore, I will call and reschedule my appointments due to sudden illness.

4. I understand that if I am sick, I can reschedule my appointment even within the 24 hour window, but I cannot cancel the appointment all-together.

5. Missed appointments, classes or workshops will be charged at the rate for the time scheduled. Emergencies will be handled on a case-by-case basis. You will be rescheduled for any appointments, classes, or workshops with prior 24 hour notification before the start time.

6. I understand that I am the client, and this is a service that I am receiving, I understand as the client I may terminate the session at any point for any reason without explanation, but I will still be charged for services received in the full amount.

7. I understand that SLW reserves the right to terminate or refuse service at any time, and that if I am asked to leave, I can ask to be re-inbursed for any services rendered.

8. I understand that SLW will hold our appointments, classes, and workshop start and finish times very
important. As such, if SLW or affiliates miss an appointment time, I will receive an equal-to-or-greater-than gift-card for the services, in addition to the time being rescheduled, but I should not expect to be re-inbursed.