Deep Tissue Massage

Fast becoming the go-to massage, Deep Tissue is used to access muscles, tendons and ligaments that may be causing lingering pain. It can also be used to massage away deep tension, which is why many people ask for this instead of Swedish Massage.​​​​​​​​​

Many times this is used with old injuries, and is a focused massage in one particular area of concern. While sometimes it can be mildly uncomfortable, it should never be painful, and should be adjusted to your level of comfort. ​

The benefits of Deep Tissue work is to increase range of motion and circulation, along with re-alligning of scar tissue which decreases inflamation as well as pain. When used properly for injury recovery, injuries can recover faster and in some cases, the joint will be stronger post injury. Each individual is different, and deep tissue massage will not correct all conditions, but it could be just the right thing for your injury.

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