Hot Stone Massage

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Add Hot Stones to facilitate rejuvination to the body by melting away tension. The heat penitrates deep through the layers of tension, bringing cirulation back into stagnent tissue, and allows for energy to move freely again.
At Shanti Living Wellness, Hot Stone Massage is used as an ajunct to Swedish Massage.
Hot Stone Massage is particulary benificial to those suffering from Trigger Points, or Fibromyalsia. The heat penitrates the tissue, without causing pain reactions normally associated  with direct pressure. Here the stones use a much larger sufface area thereby decreasing the actions of tissues usually agravated by this type of pressure.Come experiance frst hand the power to Hot Stone Massage from Shanti Living Wellness. We promise you will not be disapointed. Hot stone massage is an additional $20 dollars added onto any massage greater than 60 minutes long.