Sedona Wellness PEMF System

When the cells of the body have been injured, due to toxic overload, they may lose their ability to generate proper energy levels to maintain their health. When this occurs, swelling and  a slow healing process can happen. The result may be chronic swelling, chronic pain (inflammation) or poor bone healing just to name a few.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy can be used to help the body recover from toxin overload by giving it the frequencies needed for healing. Chronic conditions and soreness can improve or even diminish.

PEMF is a supportive therapy that aids with detoxification, pain relief, cell rejuvenation, chronic fatigue and much more.

Pain is a message from our body. The tissue cries out for energy flow, in the form of magnetic fields. The reason that Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy works so effectively is because it supports the metabolism and increases the blood flow throughout the whole body. Red blood cells pass through capillaries supplying oxygen to the surrounding tissues. Blood flow is increased through the pulsating electromagnetic field. The exchange of oxygen is extremely fast in the basic tissues. Here the oxygen partial pressure rises by 400 – 800% therefore all cells breath and function better and better.

Magnetic field therapy works in the cell and supports the functioning of inner regulation mechanisms while enhancing the self-healing capacity. The action of magnetic field therapy may be summarized in three main effects:

1) Increased blood circulation

Thermo-graphic measuring charts show the increase of circulation under a magnetic field. This leads to a better nutrition and rejuvenation of cells.

2) Improved oxygen supply

The PEMF ensures increased oxygen extraction (de-oxygenation) and enriches the tissue with oxygen.

3) Enhanced metabolism 

PEMF enhances both anabolism and catabolism.

Sedona Wellness PEMF System was designed to address many health issues that we are challenged with on a daily basis. Today people of all ages in seemingly good health are suffering from symptoms of unknown origins. With so many toxins in our environment and foods it can be hard to pinpoint the cause. Some health issues include Burning Sensations,  Headaches, Anxiety, Depression, Digestive inflammation, Insomnia and Sleep Disorders. These are all signals that your body is trying to tell you something if off. Many of us go to the doctor for help but often times they have no answer and put you on an elixir of medications that have side effects that may make things worse.

The Sedona PEMF is a therapeutic technology/device which is a fast and easy to use system for pain management and the recovery from sports injuries, lower back pain, muscle aches and pains, headaches, nervous tension and stress, improved immune system high blood pressure and degenerative conditions related to aging.

The PEMF therapeutic device delivers a series of pulsating magnetic frequencies into the client, which creates a penetrating energy that will dynamically interact with cellular metabolism in order to produce a wide range of healing benefits. Those healing benefits to the body are increased ATP production, normalization of cellular membrane potentials, increased oxygenation of tissues and improved removal of toxins from the cells.

Just about anyone can use PEMF therapy from the very young to the elderly, from sedentary individuals to those that exercise daily. Essentially, any age group, any level of wellness or fitness can use this technology. All can benefit from PEMF treatments while experiencing no negative side effects.

There are only a few contraindications for PEMF therapy. Specifically, there are 3 contraindications for using this technology, individuals with 1) pacemakers 2) pregnancy 3) epileptics.

What to expect during my session?

Sessions can be 30-60 minutes in length, while lying on the Sedona PEMF mat , relaxation is encouraged.

The Sedona PEMF is a non-evasive system that can help to bring the body back into balance.


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