An Ayurvedic modality using warm oil infused with herbs, and is slowly and steadily poured onto the forehead and then allowed to percolate through the hair. The name itself comes from the Sanskrit words shiro (head) and dhara (flow).

Ayurvedic oils provide the qualities of nurturing and nourishment to the body. When the skin absorbs the oil, it also takes these qualities into the body. For this reason, great care is taken to ensure that the highest quality of organic herbs and oils are used in each session.

The oil is directed onto the Ajna marma, (marma points are vital energy points found on the surface of the body). This marma is central to all brain function, hormone glands, and consciousness. The oil also spreads over other marma points on the head. Soothing the mind and senses with the nurturing qualities of the oil.

There are many benefits with Shriodhara. It can help with stress, anxiety, sleep, muscle tension, headaches and mental focus to name a few.

The experience will leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed with a sense of overall well being.