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​​​​Today, the best known massage is the Swedish massage. A relaxing and rejuvenating massage that can help to alleviate pain and stress while promoting relaxation. Pressure is adjusted to meet your needs. Oil is typically used in a Swedish Massage. This allows for long strokes which seem to strip away tension and muscular aches. Body movement can be incorporated into a Swedish massage; allowing for the massage to simutaniously be incorporated into the joints, as well as the muscular tissue, resulting in a complete full body massage.

When is it good to get a Swedish Massage? Anytime! Although many perfer to have their's in the later afternoon to evening time. Because it puts you into such a relaxed stated, restfull and peacefull sleep is very easily obtained after a Swedish Massage. 
What is more important to do after a Swedish Massage is to remain in that relaxed state as much as possible. Lets face it, life still has to go on, and stress is both a normal, and good part of our lives, but excessive stress after a massage can both limit, or reverse the good affects of the massage itself.

A couple of things that Massage can not do - it can not replace prescription medication - while it is true that regular massage has been shown to do a lot of things, it is not a substitute for medical care, or an advent for medical advice. Any sugestion made by a practitioner at Shanti Lving Wellness should be discussed with your health practitioner before changing anything prescribed by your doctor. 

Swedish Massage also cannot fix an acute injury - while it may feel good, if you have an acute injury that is causeing sever pain, please seek medical attention first. Your peace of mind will make the experiance all that much more enjoyable.

Finally, at Shanti Living wellness our goal is to ensure that you recieve the best massage possible in the alloted amount of time that we have for the appointment. The massage is about you, what your needs are, and how you are feeling during the massage. If we need to adjust, we keep a clear open dialog going so that you feel comfortable saying that it needs adjustment. This makes for a truely unique experiance each and every massage. Our ultimate goal is that you won't leave disapointed!

Massage Ra​​​​​​​​​tes

Hot Stone Massage Rates

$20 dollar add-on fee to any Swedish Massage Greater-than 60 minutes.

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