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Taylor Chappell Corrigan

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Massage Therapist
Taylor is a recent graduate of Port Townsend School of Massage. She spent most of her life immersed in learning about various healing modalities taught by her family and friends. Taylor considers herself well versed in swedish massage and deep tissue massage, while on the path of discovering more new and exciting massage techniques. She is always learning, always growing and transforming for the betterment of herself and her clients. You will find that you enjoy her quirky personality and deep respect for her clients and peers.

Her personal mission statement for her future and her career:
“This is the building block into discovering who I am, and opening; a doorway; a road of strength and passion; a freeing gust of wind; a life path that will initiate and infinite course of possibilities. And learning will manifest into wisdom.
From all aspects of light I wish to help create an everlasting shine in those who live in darkness, and help create a bridge for those who cannot trample on loose ground. Let there be a way to achieve peace through touch.”